Course curriculum

  • 1

    Savvy Social Media: Introduction

    • Savvy Social Media: What we will cover

  • 2

    Savvy Social Media Part One: Target Audience

    • Social Media and Target Audience (teaching)

    • Customer Avatar worksheet (task)

    • Do you understand target audience? (quiz)

  • 3

    Savvy Social Media Part Two: Content

    • Creating and effective Content Strategy (teaching)

    • Grab a copy of 30 Days of Content for Cake Businesses

    • Key Dates for 2021 Calendar (resource)

    • 30 posts in 30 minutes, monthly content planner spreadsheet (task)

    • Understanding your content strategy (quiz)

  • 4

    Savvy Social Media Part Three: Data

    • How you can use your data to determine your content strategy (teaching)

    • Add your social media stats for your Instagram (video explanation)

    • Add your social media stats or your Instagram (template)

    • Understanding your data (quiz)

  • 5

    Savvy Social Media Part Four: Marketing

    • Using marketing effectively in social media (teaching)

    • Writing your own ad copy (guide)

    • Writing your own ad copy (task)

    • Understanding Marketing (quiz)