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Why join The Baker Squad?

Let our members tell you!

Is this you?

The Squad is for you if...

  • you want to learn how to make more money in your baking business

  • you are looking for support and guidance from an experienced mentor

  • you want access to training and resources that can help you grow your business

  • you need a community for support and encouragement

  • you want to get specific help to direct you on the next steps for your business

It's time to rise!

You don't have to do it alone! For too long you have struggled without support and your business has struggled to grow as a result! Join the Baker Squad today if you need help!
picture of Baker Squad members

I'm ready to make money moves!

If you are tired of working endless hours in the unsociable hours of the early morning, churning out beautiful cakes and taking home pittance for your efforts, the join The Squad and let me help you fix that like I did for my business!
picture of Natasha Orumbie Baker Squad Coach

The Money Moves Start Now!

Most baking business owners are working at a loss and they have no idea for the most part. I was doing the exact same thing for over 10 years and this is why I created The Baker Squad!

  • Learn how to price your cakes for profit

  • Learn how to create an Instagram page that attracts potential clients

  • Learn how to convert those prospects into paying clients

  • Learn how to create multiple income streams




If you're looking for community, if you're looking for energy, engagement, oh my gosh! You've got people that will help support you and the information you will not find anywhere, the love you will not find anywhere!



It's a support system for new people in business. We are not competitive, we support and we edify each other and we cheer every one of our successes and I love that about The Baker Squad!



I love The Baker Squad because I finally found a space where I can feel confident and encouraged to excel in my talent!